Machine Learning Degree

By completing the degree's program you will have a solid understanding of machine learning and will be able to implement your own state of the art machine learning projects.


Für diesen Kurs kann man keine Teilnahmenbescheinigung erhalten.

Bei ausreichender Teilnahme und Erbringung eines der angebotenen Leistungsnachweise kannst Du ein Leistungszertifikat erwerben.



Note: Please also apply to the courses you are interested to (you can mention in the application letter that you applied for the degree). This application is only to be part of the degree.

By getting accepted for the degree program you get:

  • Preferred access to all our courses (for organizational reasons you still have to do the application process for each course)
  • Access to a FlexDesk in the Starterkitchen coworking space and the coworking areas in the Kosmos and at the Waterkant
  • Continuous access to the Coursera for Campus program of providing you with full access to Coursera (currently available until June 2023).
  • Discounted or preferred access to events like the Waterkant Festival
  • Access to special network events, for example, to meet potential employers working in the field of machine learning

Typically, we will accept new participants only at the beginning of each semester though. If you are already participating in one of our machine learning courses, you can also get accepted to the program during the semester though. Simply write us an email at, and we will check your application.
Also before the start of each semester, we have a special info event, in which we will provide additional details on the program as well as on the specific courses offered in the upcoming semester.

The Machine Learning Degree is a program that comprises a minimum of four mandatory elements. To successfully obtain the degree, you must complete at least one element per semester, that is, the maximum time to complete the degree is four semesters. However, we recommend completing it in two or three semesters.
If you completed one of the elements of the machine learning program before the degree was offered, we will still accept these as part of the degree.

The mandatory elements to obtain the degree are:

Completion of 3 or more of the machine learning courses at with a minimum of 12.5 ECTS in total. In the summer semester 2022, we offer the following courses:

Completion of at least one of the following hackathons:

  • Prototyping Week from (participating with an AI project or startup)
  • Coding.Waterkant hackathon

A more detailed view into the content of the degree and its courses you get from our course book here.


Kursname: Machine Learning Degree



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